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For over 130 years, the Wolverine brand has been the sturdy sole that helped shape a nation. We are born of work. Hard work. The kind of work it takes to build the things that endure for generations. Our storied and unwavering legacy in work continues to build our future.
G.A. Krause
Founder and President
G.A. Krause, Founder and President
G.A. Krause believed in the possibility of opportunity. He dreamed of owning a shoe company and tannery that employed his values of quality craftsmanship and incessant innovation. In 1883, he founded a small company with a handful of employees.
By 1901, Krause organized the Rogue River Electric Light and Power Company to bring power to Rockford, Michigan, allowing him and his sons to build and operate a shoe factory. By 1903, they were making 300 pairs of shoes a day. Krause was a true revolutionary, later selling shares of the company to its own employees, becoming one of the nation's first profit sharing plans.
In 1921, flush with success, the company took the name Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Corporation. Wolverine's headquarters still remain in Rockford, Michigan today.
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EST 1883
In the early 1910s the Wolverine tannery was able to develop a unique method of processing shell horsehide which made it soft and pliable, something no other tannery had been able to accomplish. A few years later, the company introduced the “1000 Mile Shoe,” handcrafted with durable shell horsehide, and named because it was said to give you 1000 miles of wear.
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  • 1883
    G.A. Krause founds what will one day become Wolverine.
  • 1903
    Krause's factory reaches the landmark production of 300 pairs of shoes per day.
  • 1910
    The Wolverine tannery creates a unique method of tanning shell horsehide that makes it soft and pliable, eventually leading to the development of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Shoe.
  • 1914
    Wolverine introduces the first "1000 Mile Shoe" made of shell horsehide and so durable it was said to give you 1000 miles of wear.
  • 1921
    The company adopts the name Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Corporation.

Today Wolverine honors its heritage with a collection of boots and shoes inspired by archival patterns that are crafted with great attention to detail using the same construction methods as the original. The Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection embodies the pillars of Wolverine's heritage — comfort, durability, function and style.

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Wolverine is built on a tradition of success and a history of innovation. This legacy lives on today in comfortable, durable work boots with quality craftsmanship for which Wolverine is known. With proprietary comfort technologies like Wolverine DuraShocks in more than 25 million pairs of boots around the world, Wolverine is the leader in premium work footwear.
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Wolverine continues to push further and develop new innovative technologies designed for comfort and protection. Creating improved form, more function, and the world's most comfortable boots.
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